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Month to month, no contracts, no sign up or cancellation fees. Fitness, on your own terms.

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Whatever your goals may be, we have a trainer to fit your needs. Schedule a free consultation with our training manager! At your appointment, we will discuss your goals to find the perfect trainer to suit your needs. Together, let's get you the results you deserve. 


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"I’m in my mid-50’s and had back and shoulder surgery within the past few years. During the COVID pandemic I gained 20 lbs. and started to feel the pain return in my back, knees and shoulder due to lack of movement and activity. At the same time my friend had lost 45 lbs. and is completely transforming his body and mind. He told me about The Woodlands Strength & Conditioning facility and that I should stop in to check it out. This facility is well equipped for all types of training modalities and everyone is approachable to assist or lend a helping hand. I was introduced to one of their trainers, Jessica Belt. Jessica is phenomenal trainer and coach. I was very pleased with her knowledge and attention to detail. She spent time assessing my ability and limits to devise a plan which I really appreciated. She is strict about form and I was shocked at some of the exercises I could do without the typical pain in my knee and back. This has been a life changing experience for me. After 1 month of meal plans and workouts, I feel better than I have ever felt, and my clothes fit better than before. I would highly recommend The Woodlands Strength & Conditioning gym to anyone who is ready to make a breakthrough. I especially appreciate their passion for our veterans and those that are still serving. Thank you all for helping me get back into the game of life."

- Ron C.

"I began group training classes with Jessica belt November 2020 . My goal was to get back In shape after long overdue break of not exercising for a year . I wanted to improve my workouts habits and eating habits . I had never done a powerlifting type work out and was very nervous but I soon broke out of my shell. Jess and the support in the group has been very helpful to get me started because she is kind and really take and interest in making you feel welcome . The group is also kind , motivating and makes you want to do better . Since starting I have notice my body getting more toned and healthy. I’ve had more energy than I’ve had in a very long time. I am thankful and glad to have been apart of the community at woodlands Strength. I am noticing a huge difference and I’m getting better because I’m getting stronger. Very thankful for this community ! I absolutely would recommend this place to anyone on any level because they will work with you at whatever level you start at and that’s important at the end of the day. The scale is just a number and most importantly they want you healthy which is huge. Thanks so much for everything."

- Shannon C.